Drake Buying A Lambo as Gift for Friend’s Birthday

by Minority Fortune

In the midst of a performance, Drake made the decision to give a friend a Lamborghini. His reasoning was that the friend, Jas Prince, had made the introduction to Lil Wayne that led to him being signed to Young Money Records. We have no problems with Drake’s thought that he is obligated to thank his friend for his help. We are puzzled by the ideology that material, luxury goods are the best way to show appreciation.

Instead of the normal lecturing we usually opt to do, we’re actually curious about the underlying psychology behind these kinds of purchases. We’re uncertain of Jas Prince’s financial standing. Sure, a big amount of the purchase has been taken care of, but it will cost money to maintain the gift: insurance, maintenance, and gas. Basically, it’s a gift that Jas Prince will continue to pay money to maintain. So, is this the best gift?

Instead of gifting a friend a 401K, mutual fund, or an investment, the ultimate gift in the eyes of many is a liability. Why is this? The car will give Jas Prince the appearance of being wealthy and increase his social status amongst the hardly-wealthy. However, it doesn’t actually push him into a new financial category. We’d be much more impressed if individuals with massive financial resources bought their friends true assets, capable accountants, or financial advisors. Yet, this doesn’t cross the mind of many in urban culture.

You Answer:
Why are material goods seen as the ultimate gift to give to others?

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