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Could Kobe Bryants Cheating Cost Him Half His Fortune?

by Minority Fortune

Kobe will certainly earn himself a spot in the NBA Hall-of-Fame, but it looks like he will soon be a member of another prestigious group holding esteemed individuals like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Bob Johnson, and countless others. The only problem is that it’s a club for men who have lost significant assets to their ex-wives due to their scandalous behaviors. The plans had been set in motion earlier this month, yet news broke late on December 15th that Vanessa Bryant had filed for divorce. The Ibtimes reports, “sources told TMZ that Vanessa Bryant has decided to end the marriage because she believes Kobe Bryant has been unfaithful again.” The fact that the couple had been together for about 10 1/2 years in a No-Fault state like California without a pre-nup has the internet buzzing that Kobe could stand to lose half of his assets with this divorce.

Kobe should have taken a few notes from Tiger Woods’ messy situation. For an individual that took so much pride in carrying the “All Around Family Man” title, you would think he would have gotten his act together after the rape charge incident. To atone for his bad behaviors, he even ponied up a whopping $4 million dollar apology ring in hopes of keeping Vanessa after that debacle. At that point, Kobe should have understood that the behavior of cheating was costly to his brand and costly to his fortune. Apparently, that just wasn’t the case.

The only purpose of bringing up his behavior on here is to make a certain lesson clear: with every action, there are consequences. When you’re in a good place in your life, you have to protect that position with responsible behaviors in every aspect from financially to emotionally. In a super competitive vertical like professional basketball, there are so many competitors that could take your place at any given moment. The guilt and shame alone will hinder your performance in work and damage your professional relationships. Whatever it may be in life that you are going through, you must face it. If you want an aura of honesty and positivity in your life, you too must uphold it.

Cheating absolutely never works out well in any way, especially amongst wealthy men married to women of modest families. If Kobe’s marriage wasn’t working and felt that he could no longer be committed to his wife, he should have taken an ethical action. In this case, he knew what was coming since he took the low road. While there will be many legal things to settle, one thing will be for sure: Kobe, get out your checkbook.

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