Could Fantasia’s Emotional Break-down Be Tied to Financial Issues?

by Minority Fortune

Fantasia tells Wendy Williams how she got to the point in her life where she wanted to commit suicide and how she was able to get back up.

Fantasia has said that she CAN’T AFFORD not to work right now. She’s still trying to get out of debt, and she has to support herself and her family or else she loses everything. Taking time off = financial ruin.

We’ve avoided Fantasia’s recent media press for a number of reasons but mainly because it was poor behavior with no direct ties to wealth. Actually there were, but the whole situation was such a mess, that we didn’t want to bother. However, there’s an interesting lesson to learn in the midst of Fantasia’s emotional breakdown and reckless behavior (affair and suicide): Putting your entire family before yourself can lead you to financial ruin.

It’s clear Fantasia is at her wits end and is in need of a break. Yet due to financial issues, record label pressure, and national attention, she has to put Fantasia last. While talking to Wendy Williams, she cannot refer to the pain as something in the past. It evidently consumes her even as she conducts the interview. Here’s a few things Fantasia and others need to realize:

Wealth shouldn’t leave you in shackles.

Wealth should bring you security.

Wealth won’t hide problems.

Wealth isn’t just money. It’s a lifestyle and behavior.

First and foremost, Fantasia does not have wealth as she has negative cash flow. The moment she receives money of any sort, it goes to someone else that’s not Fantasia: managers, business expenses, family, friends, companies of the excessive goods & services that she purchases, etc. Therefore, she is far from wealthy. More money will only feed the cycle and not cure it. She needs to cut and consolidate people in her money-feeding chain.

Getting Back to the Basics

Sometimes, simplicity is best. Fantasia admitted herself on Wendy’s couch that “all that glitters is not gold”. This is true. Since she knows that money is not the answer, she should stop being a slave to it and work on herself. Once she gains the confidence and self-esteem, she MUST do the following if she is to break the generational cycle of poverty, lack of education, and teenage pregnancy: set boundaries with her family.

Way too many hardly wealthy families equate family love with money. “If you truly care about me, you’ll take care of my every need.” Suddenly, family and friends show up out of nowhere bringing up favors that they did for you in the past. Fantasia needs to look beyond 2010 and envision her life at 2050. If something doesn’t change, she’ll still be making poor decisions, struggling to make ends meet, and stressed. She needs to tabulate the amount she’s given to her family and be content. Then, she simply needs to stop giving to those who she’s not legally obligated to give money to.

If families are stuck for cash, she can set up an allotment for loans. As with banks, if the money is not paid, the family has to render an asset and/or never receive a loan again until the money is redeemed. Until she treats her finances like a business, she’ll have many more days of crying and breakdowns. What’s even more telling is that the family is watching her go down this unsustainable path in silence.

Money is not the answer. As a matter of fact, it’s a truth serum. It will only illuminate problems. If you’re bad with money, you can have several million dollars and lose it all. (Mike Tyson, MC Hammer, Antoine Walker, Ja Rule, and hundreds more have proven this.) Instead of burying yourself in excuses or plots to make more money, look for the underlying problems. Only then will your journey to wealth be attainable.

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