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Bow Wow Headed to Jail Over Debt

by Minority Fortune

A judge in Georgia is fed up with Bow Wow. Like the Tennessee-based tour bus company who has been seeking $100,000 for services rendered, the court cannot get Bow Wow to comply. In 2009, a judge ordered that Bow Wow pay back the money owed. That quickly led to nowhere, and the company decided to file in Bow Wow’s home state of Georgia in hopes of getting results according to TMZ. The judge ordered the former hip-hop artist to produce documents for the court.

Bow Wow continued his consistent streak of non-compliance. The tour bus company then filed to have the artist held in contempt of court. Hence, Bow Wow is going to be arrested. Apparently, Bow Wow thinks that he’s above the law. As a black male who is also not paying boatloads of cash for high-profile lawyers, he’s going to be in jail faster than the sun will set.

It’s not a crime to be broke. It is a crime to hold the court in contempt. Bow Wow had better learn his priorities in life. As a hip-hop artist with little earning power, it will do his income zero good to be sitting idle inside a jail cell.


Earning a lot of money at a young age develops a serious entitlement complex. Since Bow Wow’s been in the industry since before he was a teenager, he’s never really known what it’s like to not have massive amounts of money at his disposal. Because of this thinking coupled with a lack of parental guidance, he began to spend it as if the well would never dry up and negate debts.

Lesson to be learned here? You create your life with every choice you make. We totally understand that being financially responsible is deemed super boring and super uncool. In this society, the more reckless you are –Hi, Floyd Mayweather– the more attention you get. The media drops you like a hot potato just before the ball drops and fails to reveal the consequences of reckless spending.

It is not a crime to not know about finances. After all, the education system won’t teach it to you. It’s perfectly ok to be confused over the proper steps to take when securing your finances. However, just as you trust your teeth to a dentist or your contracts to a lawyer, you must trust a financial plan to a professional financial advisor. Note: we did not say money. Your money is to always be your responsibility! You outsource your money, prepare to kiss it good-bye!

It’s truly pathetic for a former hip hop artist and former millionaire to have so many financial troubles in their early 20s. However, maybe he’ll be scared straight into getting his act together. Don’t drop the soap!

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