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Bobbi Kristina Gambling in Vegas

by Minority Fortune

Bobbi Kristina might be headed down a path of destruction. First rebelliousness then comes her mother’s death. A week ago, she was spotted at the MGM Resort and Casino gambling at a slot machine. There’s only two problems with the gambling: 1) She’s underage, so it’s illegal. 2) Gambling is not the answer.

Bobbi wasn’t just spotted at the casino by witnesses, it was apparently caught on tape as TMZ revealed. It’s a bad look for Bobbi but an even worse look for MGM Resort and Casino. The missing piece to the puzzle is the context: how long she sat there at the slot machines and if it happens often. It could be the difference between diagnosing it as curiosity or a coping mechanism.

Our heart goes out to Bobbi as she’s having to grieve publicly. It’s no easy task to ground yourself in the midst of chaos. However, in order to avoid the tragedies that plagued her parents’ lives, she has to acknowledge her feelings. Despite the setbacks and traumatic events, healing is critical. Before her career, family, boyfriend, and friends, Bobbi must work on herself above all else. Gambling is a liability and a favorite pastime of the hardly wealthy. Not a good habit to pick up to say the least.

Since Bobbi’s in a vulnerable place, it’s obvious that many people will try to take advantage of her. When facing such unfortunate circumstances, it’s important to get away from everything and clear your head. Given her position, she has access to endless resources. The solutions do not lie in gambling or drinking. The key is empowerment, and it’s not certain whether she has the right people around her to aid in that. One can hope.

Here’s to hoping the future is bright for Bobbi. We’re rooting for ya!

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