Birdman Foolishly Buys $2.5 Million Car

by Minority Fortune

Birdman probably couldn’t be more proud of himself for buying his new toy of the moment: a $2.5 million dollar car. He continuously boasts of the price tag in the video. He even coins the action “rich n***a shit”. No, Birdman, that would be hardly-wealthy behavior.

If you’re not familiar with Birdman, he’s a co-founder of Cash Money Records (home of rapper Lil’ Wayne) and a pretend hip-hop artist. He’s a repeat offender when it comes to hardly-wealthy actions. Shortly after Cash Money’s nationwide debut about a decade ago, he purchased a $500,000 grill in his mouth and bought numerous custom-made cars. The man certainly has financial issues.

What Birdman doesn’t realize is that the $2.5 million dollar car purchase signifies the $2.5 million he now no longer has. This $2.5 million figure isn’t even including the insurance, gas, maintenance, etc. on the car that further drains his pockets. He’ll never amass any money or significant worth because he’s too busy giving all his money away to other businesses. That Bugatti that he thinks has made him a wealthy elite really just signifies $2.5 million dollars missing from his account.

People who find their self-worth embedded in designer cars, jewelry, clothing, and other pricey items reap of insecurities. What are they hiding by continuously buying themselves expensive items? Unfortunately, Birdman will be finding out as soon as his record label falls out of relevancy and the big checks stop coming in. They keep spending as if nothing could ever go wrong, except something most certainly will: their money.

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