Birdman Buys Three New Cars

by Minority Fortune

If you’re a luxury car dealership, and you aren’t extending VIP membership offerings to Birdman’s phone and e-mail, then you’re losing out on millions on a yearly basis. At this point, it’s very clear that Birdman likes to drop a million or more on rides annually. Why is it so? He notes in the video posted above that he just likes “new stuff”. So did MC Hammer, Damon Dash, Allen Iverson, Terrell Owens, Lil Kim, Scott Storch, and many, many more. However, ridiculous doesn’t even begin to describe what’s going on here.

Birdman’s frivolous spending has always brought out two opposing points of view. One side sees Birdman’s spending as a “new money” habit showcasing the fact that he’s not used to money. They believe the emphasis is on the wrong things. Another side sees Birdman’s spending as justifiable because he’s earned his way, his music label is currently successful, and he can’t “take the money with him to the grave”.

Honestly, if Birdman bought a fancy car every three to five years quietly and kept it moving, we’d have nothing more to say to him. Splurging a portion of your income for personal means is perfectly fine. Splurging to infinity is a perfect plan too if you’re hoping to have problems with the IRS, face bankruptcy in the next decade, have no retirement money, leave your kids nothing, and only want to focus on living the best life possible in a compacted couple of years with a “to Hell with the future” mindset.

The Problem

Here’s the problem, and it’s not just a Birdman problem. It’s a hardly wealthy problem, and it plagues the black community. We have our priorities completely upside down. Wealth to the hardly wealthy means the ability to buy shiny gadgets, clothes, and other materialistic, depreciable goods. Wealth to the wealthy elite means a growing bank account balance, investment funds, homes, business expansion, and keeping as much money in their pocket as possible. The hardly wealthy’s idea of wealth keeps money going OUT of their bank account. The wealthy elite’s idea of wealth keeps money GROWING.

Perhaps Birdman behind the scenes has all of the things the wealthy elite possess. However, we’re tired of the false wealth that these flashy videos perpetuate, as it leaves those that admire Birdman and other celebrities imitating the behaviors that they believe make them appear wealthy. Everyone in the club has a fancy smart phone. Everyone in the club has cute clothes on. However, only a few in the club own a home and land. Whether we admit it or not, we are influenced by the images we see in the media, and they are the kind that will leave us as slaves to the system of consumption.

The Psychology

The real question here is, could Birdman be happy if he didn’t have a dollar to his name? Could Birdman be happy in a Toyota? Could Birdman be happy without the jewelry? Could he be happy if he suddenly didn’t have an audience to flash his “wealth” to? If he must have new things every year, and he must have the videos of these transactions posted on YouTube every single time, it speaks to a bigger problem. You can’t spend away insecurity. You can’t spend away low self-esteem. Not everyone has to live modestly like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs (RIP), and Warren Buffett, but in our eyes, that is the ultimate symbol of wealth because these individuals don’t have to floss. They are (or were) comfortable, content, and busy solving problems to better the planet. Live life with a purpose. We should all be in pursuit of happiness, but it will never come in the form of a fat bank account and shiny new toys.

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