Avoid Throwing It In the Bag

by Minority Fortune

FabolousThere’s a catchy hip-hop song out by a rapper named Fabolous (Yes, he spells his name that way). It’s titled “Throw It In the Bag”, and it’s about carelessly throwing your money away by just “throwing it in the bag”. What is throwing it in the bag supposed to mean? It’s indicating that if you’ve got money, then you shouldn’t bother about an item’s price. If you want it, you should buy it.

Sample of the lyrics:

I keep her in Louboutin, Louie Vuitton
Gucci down to her feet, yup, just like me
I’m the one with them ones
F* the price on the tag, just throw it in the bag

Look at price tags
Where they do that at

That’s the way we feel, must be nice, man
You wit the right man, you ain’t gotta price scan or ask how much

See i know what ima tell her
The same thing that the bankrobber told the teller
Just throw it in the bag
Thats the way it suppose to be

False Wealth Defined

Apparently, Fabolous believes that once you reach a certain financial status, you no longer have to be mindful of your money. Ironically enough, Mr. Fabolous isn’t even a top grossing hip-hop artist, so he certainly shouldn’t be “throwing it in the bag” and ignoring price tags. It is never smart at any financial level to mindlessly buy things just because you are financially capable. With that mindset, your money will be short lived.

This song is another indication of the hardly wealthy mentality found in some hip-hop artists songs. There’s a fine line between reality and the entertainment world. Sadly, these artists attempt to live in these fantasy worlds that they create, boasting over all the liabilities they hold. They continue to sell themselves short.

Fabolous, if you’re not careful, you will be the next artist that we hear about with a tax lien issued for their property. Don’t look to be topping any Forbes list anytime soon with these crappy spending habits. As a matter of fact, you’ve helped put more money in the pockets of the billionaires and shareholders that own these companies where you’re “throwing [their products] in the bag”. We need you to do better.

Let’s correct a few things:

It is not wealth to throw money at any and all things you want.
It is not wealth to buy things without looking at the price.
It is not wealth to think that buying more equates to being worth more.
It is not wealth to spent a majority of your money on liabilities.

*Lyrics courtesy of Lyrics Kid. Picture courtesy of About.com.
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