Another Victim Held Hostage by Ignorance

by Minority Fortune

Ladies and Gentlemen: A young man is in trouble. He’s been held hostage by ignorance. His name is Soulja Boy, and his latest mishap has been his rich series. What’s the latest? His video showcasing a black diamond remote control chain.

Due to the backlash, Soulja Boy felt compelled to justify his purchases. And within that rant, he did showcase a faulty rationale within the urban and minority community. Thus, we have to ask ourselves: is this HIS fault or society’s fault?

Here’s the quote via Necole Bitchie:

“i’m from the hood! This is all I know! All I grew up seeing was diamondz, money, drugs, fightin, shootin, dancing, basketball and football. real nigga shit that’s all I was around while I grew up! I don’t know shit else! I got signed when I was 16 and it took me away from that environment and put me on a whole other level that blew my mind. I’ve traveled all across the world and seen some AMAZING MIND BLOWING THINGS. But I can’t run from my past I can’t act like i’m something i’m not! I only can be what I know and be who I am WHICH IS ME. A young nigga who was born in Southside Chicago moved to ATL and went to high school in Mississippi. NEVER stayed in a good neighborhood my whole life until after I got signed! BUT IT IS WHAT IS IT IS. IM REAL AS IT GET AND ALOT OF PEOPLE LOVE ME FOR THAT. AND LOT OF PEOPLE HATE ME FOR THAT. I’m just being ME that’s all I can be! im out 100 ROLE MODEL OR NO ROLE MODEL IM ONLY HUMAN.”

Now, here comes our response.

Dear Soulja Boy,

You are still learning. Because of your profession, your growth is monitored by your audience. You are correct in saying that outsiders shouldn’t be able to dictate what you use your money on. It is your hard earned money. We do believe you will get to a point where the fancy toys you have won’t interest you anymore. You live and you learn.

You made some important points in your tirade. The most prominent was the “I don’t know shit else”. You didn’t create that mentality. You inherited it. What we at Minority Fortune hope is that you continue growing.

Continue looking at those in the hood with nice cars and excessive money. The key is to look at their life span. How many of those have fallen? How many have sustained that lifestyle and lived a long, normal life? Look at where they are and where they’re going. You are making money the legal, legit way. We’re saying you shouldn’t mimic those that had fleeting wealth. You should be on your way to Bill Gates wealth.

We can’t fault you. You’re a young adult still adapting to your status. The best thing you could ever do is put yourself around people who are financially savvy. This way you’ll begin to observe new behaviors towards wealth.

While others are speaking out to just to clown you, we’re trying to get you to that next level. The difference is that in 40 years, we want you sitting in your summer villa in the Bahamas with billions in your name and your kids going to a prestigious school with trust funds. Forty years from now, we want your close family to all have numerous real estate properties earning significant income and living easy.

Don’t get caught up in the fleeting wealth mentality. Get yourself prepared for more than that. Afterall, you’re still growing.


Minority Fortune

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