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50 Cent Flossing His Money

by Minority Fortune

It’s recently been good times for 50 Cent. With an extra stream of revenue by his side, he must be feeling really good. It’s something we applaud him for because diversifying income is necessary for your wealth journey. Apparently, 50 Cent felt the need to brag about his decent financial state (that we know of) with the world. He posted a series of pictures on Facebook for the world to see:

50Centcar1 50Centcar2
50Centcar3 50 Cent Dining on Money
50 Cent Cash 50 Cent Money

50 Cent Money Heart

We couldn’t be more thrilled to watch 50 Cent’s net worth continue to decrease over time. Amongst his industry peers, 50 Cent appears to be one of the most business savvy. However, we frown on the hardly-wealthy boasting behavior for several reasons:

1. Baiting the Poor: It encourages poor and non-wealthy individuals to strive for the end goal. However, a significant portion of them will chase the end result by negative means. Solution: Brag about your process to the money. Money will follow a healthy work ethic, financial knowledge, and smart business moves. Sadly, hardly wealthy individuals do not comprehend this lesson.
2. Tarnishing His Brand: Individuals that make the top Forbes list will never be seen tweeting pictures of their money in such a poor manner. We have only captured images and videos of hardly-wealthy people posing with massive stacks of cash. Good luck finding videos of George Soros, Mark Zuckerburg, Oprah Winfrey, etc. boasting about their money to others. Solution: Stop showing off to people that have nothing to do with your business. Your business peers would not be impressed with your pictures, mainly because they probably possess much more money than you do. Keep grinding and stop relishing.
3. Keep Grinding: 50 Cent is doing well for himself. He should enjoy his wealth to a certain extent, but he should also move forward and stop looking for validation in useless places. Solution: Look at the bigger picture. You’re earning money that should last generations beyond your lifetime. Set a precedent and create a prestigious black line of wealth.

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