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50 Cent’s 52 Room Mansion up for Sale Again

by Minority Fortune

Curtis Jackson, 50 Cent, is once again attempting to sell his mansion located in Farmington, Connecticut. The 52 room mansion was bought back in 2003 from Mike Tyson for $4.1 million. According to Courant, the asking price began at $18.5 million and has now dropped to an all-time low of $9.9 million.

There are many reasons why 50 Cent is probably trying to get rid of this property. The house is a money guzzler. It’s laced with nightclubs, a gym, guesthouses, a helicopter pad, and more. The house is rumored to cost half a million every year in maintenance costs. The location is considerably far from major cities, which may serve as another deterrent for potential buyers. His real estate agency, William Raveis Real Estate, is labeling this a “prestigious property” in hopes of attracting the highest bidders. Smart move.

It’s a good thing that 50 is realizing that this house serves no significant purpose for him while he still has money. Unlike Mike Tyson, he’s in no need for money, but he realizes that the house is simply a waste of money. Too bad he came to this conclusion during a real estate slump. Flipping the house for a profit might be a tough task.

The house isn’t ideal for anyone earning a handful of millions a year. Unless mega-millionaires or billionaires are looking at the house, the only other interested parties that we can think of are the hardly-wealthy athletes, rappers, and entertainers. Sadly, they’re probably lining up their fleeing dollars to purchase a house that makes no sense. Afterall, who needs 20+ rooms and 20 bathrooms?! Better late than never, 50 Cent, that you realized you did not need such a home. Good luck.

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