5 Reasons Floyd Mayweather Will Be Bankrupt Soon

by Minority Fortune

It’s an unfortunate thing to foresee someone’s financial plight, but it is certainly inevitable if their hardly-wealthy behavioral pattern continues. Instead of always focusing on those that have already lost their wealth, it can also help to highlight those that are in the process of throwing it all away. Floyd seems to be leaving a blazing trail of dwindling wealth. Would we be Minority Fortune if ignored this path? Of course not!

5 Pieces of Evidence

Exhibit A: Money in belt
Money foolishly stored in belt
There’s no need for anyone to carry around massive amounts of cash with them. It makes you a target for thefts and robberies. With cash, once it’s stolen, it’s gone. With a bank card, at least you have a chance of restoring your balance. With that much cash on you, there’s nothing to gain financially. It’s a guarantee that all the money will simply be flying out of your hands and into those of another.

Exhibit B: Making it Rain

While it’s nice to help out those less fortunate than you, it probably doesn’t do much good to toss around bills in a club. It would be much better to extend scholarships and grants to people who have proven credentials and much potential. This is simply a waste of money.

Exhibit C: A Million Stashed Away

There’s no need to have a million dollars stashed away in your own home. There’s even less reason to pull it out on national television and count it. Furthermore, it looks like Floyd had difficulty counting that money. He might want to spend a portion of those funds for an education on finances.

Exhibit D: A Garage Filled with Liabilities

We’re highly unimpressed with the multimillion-dollar car collection. That simply translates to us as more money that has flown out of your pockets and into that of some institution. In addition to the hefty amount that was paid for these vehicles, there’s also additional costs such as insurance, gas, licenses, cleaning, and maintenance. Ten years from now, you’ll be staring at outdated vehicles that will have drained your pockets dry. There’s nothing wealthy about having this many liabilities sitting in your garage.

Exhibit E: Money Stacks

mayweather_money1It’s safe to say that this man is in love with carrying massive amounts of cash. Nothing good can come from this other than the meaningless social attraction.

Floyd’s obsession with excessive flaunting will not end well. He has openly shown his love for carrying around hoards of cash. This means that he has a tendency to not only show it off (and encourage robberies), he also has an impulse to spend it all. While we’ve heard of people carrying around a budgeted amount of cash so that they do not exceed their allotment, there’s no reason for Floyd to be carrying around tens of thousands in his hands. He serves as another countless example of hardly wealthy behavior. While we wish the best for him, the end of his wealth will surely come after his career falls off. He can look to the examples of Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield amongst countless others for where he will be heading if he doesn’t wise up.

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