Akon Has $50K in Singles Delivered in Armored Truck

by Minority Fortune

It could be a joyous occasion to see a celebrity commanding a large sum of cash for an unstated purpose. So when we heard that Akon had an armored vehicle deliver $50,000, we were naturally curious. Where did this vehicle of money go? To himself. Who was it intended for? Strippers.

It is a sad day when the most common form of donations from urban artists consist of tossing money in strip clubs. It speaks volumes of what type of mindset this fosters in urban communities. Generations of children will be brought up aspiring to be on both sides of this transaction chain: girls aspiring to be sexual objects in exchange for cash, guys aspiring to prove their wealth by paying for women’s entertainment. This is horrifying.

Akon’s money is Akon’s money. However, a man with great advantages comes great responsibility. Whether he likes it or not, he is a role model. To know that he deems it worthy to garner media attention over stripper cash is disheartening. We’re sure neighborhoods just a few miles away or his home country of Senegal could have made a more meaningful use of that money. It’s a shame he didn’t realize the impact that he could have made.

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