Upset Tiger Woods

$100 Million Dollars: The Cautionary Tale of an Idiot

by Minority Fortune

What’s the cost of infidelity in Tiger Wood’s case? LA Times reports that it’s an estimated $100 million price tag in order to secure a smooth divorce. However, when we add up his lost endorsements, child support, and alimony, we’re sure it makes a more significant dip into his net worth. Little did Tiger know that his rendezvous with hundreds of women would cost him his marriage, image, and money. This serves as a perfect example of how a lack of self-discipline and morals can dip away at your wealth.

Earlier last week, rumors were rampant about Tiger having to part with over $750 million dollars. We didn’t blink twice at the amount. Is it a lot? Absolutely. However, Tiger lost the upper hand when he began acting like a savage beast just released from its cage back into the wild, sleeping with dozens and dozens of women. Everything has a consequence, and if it takes $750 million for him to learn that lesson, then it’s money well spent in our eyes. Nonetheless, it does appear that he’ll only be parting with a fraction of the costs. Yet, the damage done to his family and self will continue to follow him for the rest of his life.

No one can speculate on the marriage that Tiger had with his wife. Maybe things were rocky. Maybe things were unbearable. Yet, the only excusable action would be to seek a resolution. Taking the easy (And we see that now it wasn’t so easy, was it?) road by cheating will only lead to more problems. Also, who knows how many women Tiger had to pay under the table, like Rachel Uchitel, to keep quiet? Talk about a mess!

Avoiding the Tiger Effect

There is a bigger lesson to learn here. Men and women are guilty of committing these mistakes all of the time. These mishaps could cause them to lose their wealth and careers. So, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Find a Compatible Partner: Find someone with the same expectations in a relationship that you have. If you both seek love and companionship, fine. If you both want an open relationship, fine. If you both want a business marriage, fine. If you seek arm candy, while the other partner seeks fortune and fame, then expect and be ok with the relationship not being built on love. Shallow expectations may end up leaving you with a deep cut in your wealth.
2. Consider if Parenthood is for You: And make sure you ask yourself, can I see myself having children with the person I’m dating/married? If the answer is no, be smart enough to prevent this action, as too many people commit this grave mistake. Children are expensive, and you’re legally, physically, and emotionally responsible for them for at least 18 years. (Although we’re hoping this commitment lasts a lifetime.)
3. Face Your Relationship’s Troubles: No one’s immune to disagreements. People may even grow apart. However, it is inevitable that you do something about it. Cheating on each other, hurting each other, and/or ignoring the problems will just make life much more complicated. In some states, once you’re together for a certain amount of years, the spouse can automatically be granted half your earnings during your time together. The longer you put something off may mean that you’ll end up paying much, much more.

*Image courtesy of the Examiner.
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