So $21,000 a month is the new poor?

by Minority Fortune

Hip hop entertainers Nas and Kelis are currently in the midst of a divorce. What makes things so messy is that there’s a child on the way, and Kelis is kelis-pregnantdemanding immediate funds to put towards baby expenses. We do understand that child support, alimony, and custody are routine discussions during divorces.

What makes this particular case so interesting is that Kelis insists that she’s tight on money only to find that she has earning over $21,616 monthly and holding over millions of dollars in jewelry assets.

Just $21,000?! Stop the Press!

This is less about Kelis and more about fiscal irresponsibility, especially now that there’s a baby on the way.

Dear Kelis,

We understand that you’re pregnant, and your hormones are all over the place. While it’s understandable that you’re seeking child support, what in the world are you doing with your money every damn month?!! Since you filed for divorce, where was your rainy-day storage funds? Where’s your baby savings funds?

Minority Fortune doesn’t understand what needs are being unmet for a baby that hasn’t even been born yet. How does $15,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacations equate with being a necessity for the baby or the yourself?

Here’s some cold hard facts for you:

You’re experiencing a life-altering change now that you’re going through a divorce. It’s time to make some sacrifices and adjust your spending. There’s nothing sexy about spending 4 times the amount of money you make. Right now, it’s time to shave off unnecessary liabilities and reduce spending to below your income.

While you will eventually attain supplemental income by way of child support and possibly alimony, there are some key lessons to be learned. Invest in emergency funds, savings, assets, etc. Nothing is guaranteed in this life. However, you have a little bundle of joy on the way. It’s time to get the entertainment, gifts, and vacationing under control.

You are not poor! You make enough to feed a large village in a poor country. You spend enough to feed a small city in a poor country. With these monetary amounts, you’ll be more than ok. Think about what you’ll be passing on to your child. Wisen up!!!


Minority Fortune

Once again, this is not about Kelis as a person, only her poor financial management. We sincerely wish the best for them all.

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