Rick Ross and Diddy Spend Million at a Strip Club

by Minority Fortune

For rapper Rick Ross’s birthday, he opted for the standard mediocre, hardly-wealthy fare: a strip club party. That’s one thing. What blew our minds was the fact that it was reported that Rick Ross and Diddy blew a million dollars in one night in one strip club. We’ve never said this before, but this has to be the most coonish move of the year hands down.

Dear Rick Ross and Diddy,

How is it that you’re still so unused to money that you’re foolishly tossing it around in a strip club? This is why you both will never top any Forbe’s billionaire lists. This is why you might both be staring bankruptcy in the face within a few decades. We better not see either of you gracing any celebs-owing-the-IRS lists. If so, we will not feel sorry for you.

Birthday or not, this is a lame way, truly hardly-wealthy way to celebrate. Is your ego so fragile that you can only spend money to gain respect, news, and self-worth? Are you both that insecure? You both may have earned $20 million last year, and we’re being generous considering that you both have taxes and other liabilities with your earnings. However, you managed to spend 1/20 of your salary in one night? Is this how you’ll be teaching your children to preserve their wealth?

One could spin this and argue that many individuals at the strip club had their lives positively impacted by the massive spending by Rick and Diddy. However, this is a very small impact. The person who became the richest from this transaction was the owner of the strip club. We would be here all day naming institutions that could have benefitted more: charities, schools, scholarships, starving families, local infrastructure, recreational programs, etc.

The message that you’ve sent to boys and girls is a sad one. Girls should forfeit an education and aspire to become sexual objects as that is what gets them attention and money. Boys should spend their income in strip club institutions as this gets them the respect of peers and attention from women.

This shows how truly discontent you both are deep down within yourselves. Without money, press, and glamour, you cease to feel validated. If this petty behavior continues, there WILL come a day when you won’t have either. Wake up and get a clue.


Minority Fortune

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