Rapper Lil Boosie Becomes a Repeat Offender

by Minority Fortune


Lil Boosie Has Flunked for This Summer Semester

We didn’t expect to cover Lil Boosie’s spending antics again so soon. However with an interview making its rounds in the urban music world, we had to say something. It’s full of hood-rich, hardly wealthy propaganda to say the least. The rappers takes much pride in his newfound riches and seems to enjoy sharing his antics with the world. It’s our duty here at Minority Fortune to speak out when bad practices are occurring.

The artist recently did an interview with TSS, and it contained a few Grade F quotes about finances:

• You know I love my haircut. My barber is real talented- every time he cuts my hair I give him a hundred dollars. Now he’s getting like $40 a haircut usually.
• I’m fighting a charge. A gun charge so they got me on house arrest. I have an ankle brace and all. I guess they want to see where I’m at at all times but I don’t understand the point of that if they let me travel and shit.
• I think about [possibility of going to jail] ever night. I got enough music so if I go in for three or six months I got enough music to last me. I got a Beatles catalogue. My music will take me a long way.


Dear Lil Boosie,

Instead of worrying about how far your music will take you, you need to focus on how far your money will be taking you. Instead of tipping your barber 250% of the haircut cost and tossing your money on the ground, it’s time to financially educate yourself so that you’ll have wealth that will last for a lifetime.

Stick to hobbies that keep you out of prison, so that you don’t have to pay the price with your life. It’s a liability to be carrying weapons and selling drugs. Contrary to what you think, there’s no money to be made for you in prison. Besides, I’m sure the record label only gives you a few measly pennies off your album sales. You know that most of your money comes from doing shows, which you can’t do if you’re in prison somewhere. You might make the government some money since they will put you to work, but that’s it. So get on the right track. Your kids deserve that much.

Are you paying yourself? How much money do you have invested? Are you even drawing interest off of your money? At the very least, set up trust funds for your kids so that they’ll have some money after you’re done tossing it around. We shudder to think of how much money you spend if you’re tipping people 250% for a service. We also strongly recommend getting a financial advisor.


Minority Fortune

Update: Apparently, Lil Boosie has not only flunked with Minority Fortune, he’s flunked with the state as well. He just doesn’t seem to like freedom. He’s violated his probation. He had been sentenced to 10 months in prison.

MTV reports:

After taking a plea deal to a third-offense marijuana-possession charge in September, Boosie, 25, was expected to receive a 10-year sentence with all but the first two years suspended, likely keeping him behind bars for a year or so.

But now, it’s been doubled to four years because he violated his house arrest terms. *sigh* We’ll continue to have hope, even though others might understandably deem us crazy.

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