Beanie Sigel Claims that Dame Dash Owe Him 11 Million

by Minority Fortune

Dear Beanie Sigel,

Build a bridge and get over it. There’s no one more responsible for your financial situation than yourself. You’ve been in the industry for a long time. It makes no sense that you aren’t more aware of the way things work. In the music industry, artists always get the short end of the stick. We’re not understanding how you’ve been in the industry 10+ years and haven’t transitioned into ownership of your brand.

If you were legally entitled to 11 million from Dame Dash, then you’d have a contract that could legally bind Dame Dash to pay you what is justfully yours. Those street codes you might abide by will do you no good in these situations. His word or handshake mean nothing in the court of law. It seems like the same situation you got yourself into with Jay Z: financial ignorance, lack of business acumen, and no discipline.

Why are you looking for money that doesn’t even exist? Damon Dash doesn’t even have $11 million dollars of his own. From what you’re talking about, this transaction occurred a long time ago. Chances are that you’re in a financial bind that’s as bad as Dame’s, and you’re hoping for a little financial relief. Well, friend, look in the mirror.

Even if you see a dime of all the money you claim you’re owed, you still have to figure out a way to provide long-term income for yourself. Begging for money in open forums doesn’t seem all that self-sustaining. Keep that in mind. Until you correct your ways, you shall remain a Grade F Model.


Minority Fortune

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