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World War III in the Jackson Family

by Minority Fortune

Who knew that being a Jackson could turn into such a nightmare? Just when things were finally settling down in the Jackson family, a new fire was set ablaze: several family members are accusing the overseers of MJ’s estate of faking the will. From there, every possible path of drama has been taken.

The family has divided recently in a big way. Siblings against siblings. Guardians against children. Isn’t adversity supposed to unite a family? Well, not in this one. Multiple members of the Jackson family has publicly come forth stating how much they’ve been wronged.

LA Times provides more insight into what happened:

The backdrop for the discord appears to be a widening family rift over who should control Michael Jackson’s legacy and assets. On July 17, two days after their mother left L.A., Rebbie, Janet, Jermaine and Randy Jackson signed a letter demanding the resignation of the two men who oversee business affairs for their late brother’s estate.

The letter accused the trustees — music industry veterans John Branca and John McClain — of a host of misdeeds, including faking the will that gave them their powers, lying to Katherine Jackson and covering up the real cause of the star’s 2009 death.

Given the vast amount of assets in Michael Jackson’s estate, there’s no surprise that foul play could be going on within and outside of the family. Everyone is seeking a piece of the MJ estate. Jermaine’s credibility is questionable given the fact that he’s been going through his own financial difficulties for awhile now. However, he isn’t alone in this claim as three siblings take the same stance. So many questions arise: Have they suspected something amiss this entire time? Have they been looking for evidence all of this time? Did something happen recently that raised a red flag? Are their pockets a little thin these days? Why isn’t the family united on this matter? What’s really going on?

Money changes people. It’s a sad but ugly truth. With claims that Michael owned a significant portion of Sony/ATV (owns most of the Beatles catalog), it’s possible that Michael has billions of dollars within his estates and trusts. Afterall, if MJ was as broke as they claim he was, no one would be going through so much trouble for a few dollars. When a loved one is deeply in debt, it’s extremely rare for any close friend, family, or significant other to feel responsible or vested in their debt resolution. However, when a loved one is wealthy, suddenly those same people feel extremely entitled and vested to it. Funny how that works. While you want to assume these siblings have Michael’s best interests at heart, we’d highly doubt that they aren’t also considering their own personal interests too. However, if outsiders have genuinely manipulated Michael’s will, then justice should prevail.

So, whose team are we on? No one as there’s tons of context missing, and all we’re hearing is noise. The family that was most important to Michael Jackson was his mother and his children. Therefore, they above all should be heavily considered in this estate debacle. Let’s hope for a peaceful resolution soon, or prepare for this to be World War III.

You Answer: Did money destroy the Jackson family?

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