When Being a Greedy Cornball Mayor Goes Wrong

by Minority Fortune

Kwame Kilpatrick is living proof that hardly-wealthy behavior can make its way into political actions. Kwame tried to disguise his Grade F behavior as wealthy behavior. (We admit this happens rampantly in politics around the world.) However, this unfortunate soul did not know how to play the game correctly. Congrats, Kwame, for your indictment!

The Former Mayor of Detroit’s Badge of Honor:

1. Mismanaging public funds for self-serving uses.
2. Took advantage of over $640,000 of kickbacks.
3. Filing false tax returns.
4. Evading taxes.
5. Committing mail and wire fraud.

Hope you enjoy your life in federal prison! We’re sure the prisoners of Detroit will be sure to show you the utmost respect!

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