Recession Proof Areas

by Minority Fortune


There’s Still Some Good Left!

For whatever reason, media puts a lot of focus on all the failing areas during a recession. Big banks are failing, GE plummeted, and blah, blah, blah. Let’s look at the profitable areas. You could consider expanding your business or investing in these areas.

•    Discount Stores: Big chains like Wal-Mart are doing well during this economic crisis because consumers are looking for their dollars to stretch longer.
•    Basic Services & Commodities: Businesses offering basic services like pharmaceuticals, healthcare industries, waste disposal, and funeral drinking beerhomes aren’t going anywhere.
•    Damaging Comforts: People turn to the dark side for comfort when the economy plummets. Tobacco (cigarettes) and alcohol (beer & liquor) are the staples.

*Images courtesy of ABC 7 News & Hideki Yoshihara/Aflo
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