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Online Sales Flying High for the Holidays

by Minority Fortune

While actual storefront retailers are experiencing lackluster sales, online retailers cannot say the same. The Wall Street Journal reports in its Dec. 22nd issue that the online shopping market grew four percent from early November through mid-December. Consumers are opting for convenience and savings. It appears that the online world is giving them that.

The online shopping market is growing in relevance. Online retailers are experiencing solid growth in comparison to 2008 sales. This proves beneficial for consumers and online retailers.

What This Means for You

Better Deals: One thing that you can do online that you can’t do in stores is compare prices on products. Within a few clicks on the web, you’re able to easily do side-by-side comparisons. Additionally, retailers often offer exclusive online deals to attract consumers. These tactics work for you and your wallet.

Opportunity: A portion of these online retailers (Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc.) works in conjunction with their customer’s participation. An increase in traffic to their sites automatically scores a win for online sellers. This also presents an opportunity for the inner entrepreneur within you.

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