Lesson From Google: Be Your Own Supplier

by Minority Fortune

energygrowthWho would have predicted a decade ago that Google would move forward to not only dominate search but tap into the phone, communications, and energy sector. Yes, you’ve heard right. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Google is now venturing into energy through its Google Energy LLC division. The company understandably consumes a lot of energy for its operations. Instead of getting it through a supplier, it seems they‘d rather be the supplier.

While Google is seeking approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission so that it can better control its own energy sources, it’s also planning to become a wholesale seller of energy. By having its own energy supply, they can better devise ways to reduce energy usage whilst making an additional profit by selling energy in bulk. It’s a move that will benefit them in a variety of ways.

It may seem like a peculiar move for Google to be venturing into energy. However, this bold step helps catapults Google into a league of its own. We could all learn something from this move.

3 Lessons From Google:

1. Diversification: By expanding its ventures into an unrelated sector, it is diversifying its revenue potential. That’s smart because we never know when a new search engine could emerge and dominate the industry.
2. Ownership: They opted for ownership of a supply that serves as a lifeline for their operations. Instead of using a middleman, they’ve decided to become the middleman and cut out the extra costs.
3. Be Daring and Bold: Google keeps its eyes wide open for opportunity everywhere. They’re confident to make moves that have people scratching their heads in confusion. That’s why noone can predict where they’ll be in another decade.

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