From 6 Days to 5: Post Offices Are Feeling the Burn

by Minority Fortune

Post offices around the world are dealing with declining revenues and staggering business. Its diminishing of importance did seem inevitable since the rise of e-mail. Yet, we still hold a connection with the post office, as it’s been a traditional courier and a staple in our lives for so long. The question that so many cannot answer for now, is where do they go from here?

As of now, the short-term answer appears to be to react. The Globe and Mail reports that post offices around the world are cutting back. The US PO is looking to lay off over 57,000 employees and cut its schedule to five days a week. It’s already lost over $7 billion in revenues for the 2009 year. Canada’s PO has experienced a large 8.5% decline in usage. Danish and Swedish POs plan to merge to deal with rising costs. So, countries around the world are working to remedy the problem.

However, it seems no one wants to address the elephants in the room. Yes, Post Office services are now battling communication technologies such as e-mail, cell phones, and social media. Yes, they also deal with privatized giants like Fed Ex and UPS. The only way to confront this issue is to deal with it head on. We think innovation is the only way forward because the future has no room for the technologies and systems of the past.

Someone suggested that the Post Offices should attempt to land giant contracts with large internet companies (Amazon, Wal Mart, Ebay, etc.) to do all of their shipping. We think it’s a great idea! However, they’re only going to survive if they seek to adapt and innovate. Whatever happens, we wish the best for them.

You Answer: How do you feel about the Post Office changes that will be occurring in your area? Do you think they’re handling it well?

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