Economy Not in the Clear Yet

by Minority Fortune

wallstreetupThe media is trying to tell us that the Dow reaching 10K is like the Second Coming. Sadly, it’s reflection in the real world isn’t cutting it. Seems like analysts at the Business Insider agree. We need some real examples of progress before we can believe the hype.

Bernanke and Geither, you listening? The biggest problems still remain. There’s too much manipulation and greed in the financial sector. The Fed is printing too much money. We’re not taking care of our debt. War budgets are sapping away billions of dollars every year. When we tackle these issues, the Dow’s 10,000 benchmark will look like the pager of the 90s.

On Business Insider, they had a few suggestive measures for progress that make sense to us. We will share them with you so that you can also monitor the economy’s recovery.

Inflation: Our nation is in $50 trillion dollars in debt. Thanks for making the average citizens debt look like a microscopic atom, government. We will experience significant inflation within 3 years.
Job Growth: Since the start of the recession in December 2007, we’ve lost 7.6 million jobs.
Innovation: The credit contraction makes it harder for entrepreneurs and small businesses to invest in growth. This segment of the economy is where a rebound will start. Don’t watch the Dow, watch small business credit (contracting) and patents filed (contracting).
Education: The important word in “Gross Domestic Product” is product. We must have highly skilled knowledge workers to compete against other economic innovators. A third of high school students aren’t graduating.

*Image courtesy of Steven Puetzer.
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