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Drake’s Special Edition Jordans Sold for Six Figures

by Minority Fortune

If you have lost your faith in humanity and came here to have your faith restored, this would not be the article for you. During half-time at a Raptors game, Drake handed out a few pairs of his OVO Air Jordan sneakers. One of the lucky recipients was a female, but the odds of the shoe fitting were probably slim to none. According to Yahoo Sports, Drake comforted her with the following: “…hopefully you can give them to somebody or keep them as a keepsake.” Best advice ever because a pair of sneakers were instantly placed on eBay with the caption “I received them from Drake himself at Drake night at the Raptors. Drake was seen wearing the same ones at the game that night.”

With a title, a picture, and the aforementioned words, the listing within hours had skyrocketed past the $2,000 mark. Breaking the four-figure mark was only the beginning. The competitive bidding revealed that 33 bidders meant serious business regarding these OVO Jordans. Over the five-day auction, over 93 bids were placed by these bidders, soaring these fifty-cents-made-in-China shoes through the five-figure range, ultimately selling for $100,000 US dollars. It’s the kind of money that probably even has Drake himself scratching his head.

OVOJordansNo information has been offered about the winning bidder, but we’re hoping that this individual is extremely wealthy with high amounts of disposable income. No matter how you slice it, this is money poorly spent. For $100,000 one could fly to visit Drake in person and beg for a pair of OVO Air Jordans. For that money one could personally fly to China and get a hand crafted pair of imitated Air Jordans or simply get a one-of-a-kind pair of sneakers made. Yes, the ultra-wealthy have toys that they spend serious money on, but usually the reasoning is easier to see as the products possess the highest craftsmanship and are made with exclusive materials. These shoes hardly seem innovative, so if someone could give us a play-by-play on the $100,000 features we’d appreciate it.

The Jordan Effect

Coveting Jordans at any cost is no new sport. Air Jordans have a long history of people standing in overnight lines, rioting, and paying hefty fees in exchange for social status that grants no financial incentives. As a matter of fact, Michael Jordan’s “flu game” sneakers auctioned off late last year for $104,765. A silly as it sounds, those shoes are a valid collector’s item, where the value is likely to increase in time due to its historical significance in the sport collector’s world. However, the jury is still out on the OVO Air Jordan shoes.

While so much goes unsolved in regards to these shoes and why they cost more than a public education, the seller most certainly had an epic victory. They could have given them to a friend or loved one, but they didn’t. They were extremely wise to ignore Drake’s advice and put the OVO Air Jordans on eBay. The seller definitely made a Grade A decision, turning their shoe prize into an estimated $100,000 profit minus eBay’s transaction fees. As for the buyer side, we’re doubtful in this being a wise purchase. However, stranger things have happened. Biggest takeaway? Even in a recession, selling a pair of special edition Air Jordan shoes will keep you fed, clothed, and housed for years.

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*Images courtesy of stroll_10 seller on eBay.

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