California Is Broke

by Minority Fortune


California in Debt?!

California is currently experiencing its own unique financial crisis to the tune of $24 billion. The state is also having problems paying its $59 million bond debt. Professionals are acknowledging that the situation isn’t looking too well. They’ve had to reserve payments on their bonds and issue IOUs. Now, if that isn’t tacky…

California has to make changes somewhere. Proposed solutions have been varied. Some suggest deep budget cuts and borrowing. Others suggest raising taxes. Either way, who gets to bear the responsibility? The people do of course! The residents of CA can expect to get screwed through less state programs, small business assistance, and/or raised taxes. Reasonable, right? Not!

Minority Fortune too has proposed ways to cut your budget and bring in revenue.

1. Make Arnold Schwarzenegger return to making the Terminator series.
2. Have state officials attend a Plies concert. He’s got “Plenty Money” if you haven’t heard.plies-2008
3. Actually, comb through your state records for evidence of money mismanagement and corruption. We think you’re sure to find something.

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