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Bounce TV, A New Broadcast Net Aimed at African Americans, To Launch in Fall

by Minority Fortune

When it comes to original television programming for African Americans, there is always room for improvement. BET used to be the shining beacon, broadcasting various cultural content. Those days are sadly no more. Now, Andrew Young and Martin Luther King III seek to take on the challenge of improving this in the form of Bounce TV. They plan to launch this fall.

Broadcasting Network sheds some light on the likely content of the station:

Based in Atlanta, Bounce TV, is trying to line up distribution through the digital signals of local television stations. It plans to broadcast a mix of theatrical movies, live sports, off-net series and original programming aimed at adults 25-54. It has made deals to acquire TV rights to 400 African-American oriented films from NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution, Sony Pictures Television, Codeblack Entertainment and Image Entertainment.

This is good news in the world of minority fortune! Anytime there’s movement from consumers of entertainment to owners of entertainment, it’s a monumental accomplishment. Bob Johnson, Oprah Winfrey, and Tyler Perry are leading examples of individuals who didn’t stop until they had full ownership over their work. We certainly hope Bounce TV becomes a new dynamic hub for great minority content. There’s always room for more.

While there is already a gist of what kind of content Bounce TV will focus on, we share a few of our own opinions on what we’d like to see:

  • Minority Fortune: Hey, someone has to say it. There should be a weekly program that focuses on personal finance in a dynamic way. We’d like for people to be able to call in or e-mail questions and share their experiences and have them answered. Americans in general know so little about finance, and this problem is exacerbated in our communities. An example of someone who showcases excellent personal finance skills and an example of someone who sucks at personal finance skills should be highlighted at some point in the show.
  • News Discussion: While there’s plenty of news available, there’s fewer news sources that discuss news in the sense of how it will affect the African American community. A daily evening program with a roundtable of guests would be a breath of fresh air, and the guests should not only include people in their middle adulthood but also young adults.
  • Educational Morning Programs for Kids: We know this isn’t their targeted age group, but let’s face it. A majority of minority youth is raised on the television medium. While they should be entertained, their youth is the prime time to seize knowledge. We hope the network chooses to join in on the education of our youth, going beyond reading and rudimentary math skills. Have the objective to turn our youth into the future engineers, scientists, journalists, activists, politicians, etc. of America.
  • Monthly/ Weekly Film Spotlights: In order to highlight the brightest artists in our community, an independent film from a minority filmmaker could be featured each month.

You Answer: What programming would you like to see on Bounce TV?

*Image courtesy of CentricTV.
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