Young Joc Stuck in Dirty Situation

by Minority Fortune

It’s going down, literally

young-jocInstead of heeding the warning of the hundreds of fallen artists on Bad Boy before him, Young Joc is getting cold in the cave. He’s come to the realization that Bad Boy isn’t doing right by him. Therefore, he’s in negotiations to be released. Uh, good luck with that.

We highlight this issue because it’s a lesson that needs to be learned across the board. If you have talent, you should fight for your brand. Have the upper hand. You are in negotiations to bring companies money. So, ensure that you get your fair share. It should be clear by now that the record industry screws over anyone that they can. You will get screwed if you don’t protect yourself.

Lessons to learn:

Big industries operate in bureaucracies. So, don’t expect your needs to be met quickly, if at all.
• Contracts are everything. You shouldn’t expect a dime more than what the contract binds you to, so you should read and negotiate it.
Keep options open. Little do many artists know, but everything you do has to be green-lighted by the company, whether it has to do with them or not. You better make sure you’re free to get side wealth income.
Don’t be naïve. Look at the industry’s record. If a company can boot Mariah Carey out of her contract, you too can be scrutinized and cast aside if you don’t make them money.
Hire independent lawyers. Decide what you want and then share it with your lawyer. Stand firm on what you won’t accept.

If you don’t listen, then expect to be conducting videos like this one day

Thanks, Young Joc, for the lesson, even if you are victim # 4,235,775.

*Image courtesy of Dyfuse.

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