The House that Stupidity Built

by Minority Fortune

lvhouseWow. We had no idea that things could get this bad. Apparently, they can! So much irony going on here. Let’s start with the LV logo. We’ll just call it LV because it definitely wasn’t endorsed by Louis Vuitton. Would Louis Vuitton endorse that as their house? Seriously? After one sobers up and a few months pass, how will you feel about this decision? Furthermore, how much wealth income went into this garbage? It’s reported that this house is located in Mexicali, but there’s no specific location noted.

This just goes to show how deep consumerist behaviors can get. The “hardly wealthy” crowd goes out of their way to seek the validation they perceive the wealthy to have. Because their discretionary income falls severely short of the required budget at times, they resort to their creativity. Thus, the LV house is born.

lvhouse2Sadly, it isn’t our first time seeing these horrific creations. We’ve seen many offenders impose designer brands in non-designer fashions. This is one of the most bizarre that we’ve witnessed. We’ve seen designer wrapped vehicles, custom pseudo designer bags, replicas, and more.

Lesson learnt: Designer brands do not define your financial habits. It definitely isn’t good PR for you if you’re caught falsely replicating designer brands. Finally, it gets you no closer to the status of the truly wealthy. Instead of looking at their end result, look at their journey and behaviors. We guarantee that it’ll be a better investment than any designer or faux designer purchase you’ll ever make.

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*Tragic images courtesy of Derrik Chinn.
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