Plies Makes it Precipitate by Infusing $50K into Crowd

by Minority Fortune

We couldn’t make up these atrocious lies even if we tried. Nope. Hip hop rapper Mr. Plies himself generated this “positive” press all on his own. He apparently tossed an estimated $50,000 dollar bills into the crowd at  107.9’s Birthday Bash in Atlanta.

Plies knew fully well that his publicity stunt would make it to You Tube and infiltrate homes around the US. The price of this publicity? $50,000. If he utilized a sponsor’s money, then that lessons the severity. If this was $50,000 away from his own investments and savings, then he’ll regret this in a few years when his cars, jewelry, and assets are being hauled away due to tax evasion, missed mortgage payments, etc.

What would we suggest for Mr. Plies instead: Utilizing free publicity via Twitter and YouTube; saving the actual $50,000 and putting it in bonds and his 401K.

To see the scene of the crime, you may visit this page to check it out.

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