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Pilar Sanders Held in Financial Prison

by Minority Fortune

Do high-profile athlete marriages even last anymore? In mid-December of 2011, Pilar Sanders and her former NFL beau Deion Sanders filed for divorce. From that moment onward, crap hit the fan, with no end to the ridiculousness in sight. However, we’re not in the least bit interested in discussing the sordid details of the relationship. What depressed us the most was that Pilar claimed that she was a “financial hostage” and that Deion has financially withheld funds from her unless she’s willing to perform sexual favors. Could this get anymore pathetic on both sides? You bet.

The two are still bitterly living in the same house. Why one hasn’t become the bigger person and moved out for a peace of mind puzzles us like nothing else. Either one of two things are going on: they’re both struggling financially to the point that they cannot leave the house, or they’re foolishly stubborn. Pilar might have the best “excuse” for not moving on. She’s claiming that all access to money has been restricted by her ex.

TMZ reports the details:

In the docs, Pilar claims, “Since [Deion] filed for divorce on December 21, 2011, he has given [Pilar] $300.00 and offered her money in exchange for sexual favors.”

She then notes, “Pilar turned down the money.”

Pilar is begging the court to force Deion to give her money stat … claiming “The children and I have lived in survival mode for several months, and the emotional toll on all of us is palpable.”

Pilar also claims Deion has canceled her cell phone and has “engaged in a pattern of systematically removing my belongings from the house and haphazardly throwing them into piles in the garage of the residence.”

Pilar claims Deion still rakes in more than $1 million per year … and she NEEDS a cut of his income to survive.

Men and women have to wake the Hell up.

Men, you marry a doll with little financial net worth or education, then expect to be used for your financial security. You’d better realize that you’re only getting the time of day because of the amount of zeroes sitting in your bank account. Instead of dating someone comparable to you in success, you chose someone who will fight you to the bitter end should the relationship dissolve for a big payoff.

Women, let this serve as an example. Learn from Pilar. Don’t expect to find a lifetime of freeflowing income from a man. Don’t risk having your life being dependent on your man. Being a housewife is perfectly fine. No one would knock such a noble, sacrificing position. However, being a housewife with no financial dependence is like a house of cards. It’s a house until one card falls out of place. Likewise, you’re ok until the spouse pulls the plug on you.

The Forever Housewife Plan Myth

Not many women in this lifetime will find a Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Bob Johnson, Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan, etc. to marry. Even if one does, the game has already been written a billion times. The odds are against the marriage lasting forever. Then you have to hope that you have a guy who won’t spend his way to the poorhouse with his money. So, why aren’t women in these vulnerable situations planning for this possibility?

If you find yourself divorcing from the breadwinner, you face losing everything. For the first time (or tenth) in your life, you have to worry about supporting yourself, possibly getting a job, and/or moving back in with your parents. It’s a situation no one should want to find themselves in.

Pilar should have saved for a rainy day. Money should have been tucked away in savings accounts, investment fund(s), and real estate. Instead of taking money intended for personal expenses and only using it towards things like shopping, clothing, salons, and more, it should have gone at least partially to “rainy day” or “just in case” accounts.

Everyone needs an emergency account period. There’s nothing backhanded about this. It’s financially solvent thinking. Would you rather be eating ramen in your ex’s house and struggling while waiting for the judge to award you some assets, or would you rather be calling in professional movers to move ASAP to a place that you know is yours until a judgment passes? We’ll let you decide.

We certainly hope this was Pilar and Deion’s wakeup call.

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