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Five Celebs That Owe the IRS

by Minority Fortune

If the Wesley Snipes jail package isn’t enough to scare celebrities into paying their taxes, we don’t know what will. There are a number of celebrities that reportedly owe a sizable amount to the IRS. We’d clear that debt up if we were in their shoes.

Here’s snippet of some of the offenders, some more recent than others, courtesy of Back Taxes Help:

  • Method Man: Faced federal charges in October for $32,799 in personal income and state income tax. He pled guilty and ended up paying over $106,000 in back taxes, penalties, and interest as a result.
  • Swizz Beats (Alicia Key’s baby daddy): Owes over $2.2 million in back taxes.  He also recently had a $652,727 tax lien issued for unpaid federal taxes from 2008. Alicia, it’s a little to late to ask, but are you sure this guy is a keeper?
  • Fat Joe: He owes $71,000 in Florida and his estimated $2 million FL estate is for sale.  He additionally owes $139,000 from previous liens in the state of New Jersey. You’d better “lean back” on your spending, Fat Joe, and “make it rain” on your back taxes.
  • Macy Gray: Owes an estimated $50,000 in back taxes in the state of California.
  • Mekhi Phifer: Had a lien served on April 26 with the Los Angeles County of Deeds. He currently owes the State of California $108,000. Time to hustle and get more roles, Mekhi.
*Image courtesy of Jeffrey Hamilton.
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