Presidential Hopeful Wyclef Jean

Congratulations Wyclef Jean on Absolutely Nothing

by Minority Fortune

Media everywhere broke the stories of Haitian American artist Wyclef running for president in Haiti a few weeks back. Given the disaster of a political cabinet in place now, it didn’t really bother us one way or the other. That was until a flurry of news channels revealed the skeletons in Wyclef’s closet. Mind you, these weren’t just any skeletons. They revealed an unconscionable deception to those who donated wholeheartedly to his charity, Yele, in the midst of the Haiti earthquake aftermath.

Funds that were to go towards the impoverished citizens of Haiti instead went to various inappropriate places:

  • A Yele employee & alleged mistress – over $100,000 salary
  • A float that used money from photos donated by Angelina Jolie – $250,000
  • Studio & Performance Fees – over $400,000

This was just on top of other non-PC actions for a humanitarian and aspiring politician. Wyclef didn’t meet the requisite 5-year residency for President nominees, yet he proclaimed that being the Ambassador for Haiti for a couple of years was sufficient. Sean Penn-Bell noted his absence on the ground in Haiti for the last six months. Wyclef retorted, “He hasn’t seen me for six months — I’ve been going to Haiti for over five years,” Jean spat. “I am not absent in Haiti, maybe the tent city you’re in, maybe I’m absent in that.” Um, that tent city is home to tens of thousands of your potential voters. His former Fugees bandmate Pras isn’t even endorsing him. A presidential nominee at least has to pretend to act the part. Guess Wyclef said, “Why bother?”

Perhaps Wyclef took note of all the corruption that’s rife in Haitian politics (with the US’s approval) and decided that he’d be a perfect fit within it. Misusing funds? Check. Deception? Check. Self-absored? Check. Not partaking in the struggles of your people by avoiding ‘Tent City’? Check. Having mistresses? Check. Just wanting attention? Check.

Recently, Wyclef’s bid for presidency was rejected. Despite not being given the clearance to run for Presidency in Haiti, he contested the ruling. Sounds to us like someone’s ego is in need of a reality check.

*Image courtesy of Wall Street Journal.
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