ATL Female Rapper Gets Her Car Towed During Video Shoot

by Minority Fortune

Female rapper Diamond was in the middle of a video shoot in Atlanta when she experienced having her car towed in front of her industry peers. Can you say embarrassing? This is the best form of a wake-up call that one can get.

It’s so easy to place the blame with other people. Diamond contested the towing, stating that she had made her payments on time and would be getting a lawyer. We know well that it just couldn’t be the truth. While embarrassing, she should face the facts for what they are: poor financial management. In order to get her car back, she had to pay excess fees in addition to her car payment. Instead of making excuses to family, friends, and fans, she’d better get herself in order.

Our suggestion to Diamond? Make sacrifices in order to get your finances in good standing. Atlanta is a difficult place to get around in without a vehicle. So if you opt to have a vehicle, then you need to cut costs in other places. Avoid eating out, buying clothes, and cut back in unnecessary costs. We noticed that she was dressed in fancy clothes and weaves. She’ll have to cut back if she doesn’t want the repo man and/or IRS to visit her frequently. Let this be a lesson, Diamond.

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