An Example of Finance Marketing Gone Terribly Wrong

by Minority Fortune

Not every small business has the budget of Coca-Cola, and we can understand that. Furthermore, we go out of our way to support small businesses and local brands that provide value. However, can’t say that we’d ever give our business to Mo Money Taxes….EVER, in this lifetime or the next.

We’ve seen bizarre videos like this surface over the years from this company, and they’re consistently atrocious. Yet, they’re still in business. Go figure. They do a disservice to the minority and finance community alike. We wouldn’t let this company even do our virtual pet’s taxes if it was the last tax service on this planet! Above all, we want to give this company our biggest Grade F stamp of all.

What’s even sadder about this video is the fact that they attempted to put all this effort into their video advertising, yet they fail to bring up anything regarding their expertise or knowledge in accounting or tax filing. Instead, it’s just packed full of ignorance. We shudder to think about what type of clients continue giving this company their business.

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