Feng Shui for Attracting Wealth

by Minority Fortune

Minority Fortune strives to present our readers various methods for wealth attraction. Feng Shui is an ancient eastern practice. It literally means “wind and water” focuses on natural balance to achieve harmony and positive energy.

Well, wouldn’t you know that the area of attracting wealth has already been addressed in feng shui? No? Well, let us introduce you!! Note that these techniques won’t help those that don’t help themselves. Money will not fall from the sky as you place Bergamont oils throughout your home and open your windows. Action will still be necessary.

It is believed that feng shui for wealth will involve practicing the following:

•    Utilizing essential oils: Use interactive guide here for information.bldtr040164
•    Flowing Air from the Outside via open windows and screen doors.
•    De-Cluttered Home
•    Natural Sunlight Used in the Home
•    Water via feng shui fountains or images for rejuvenation

fengshui4From time to time we’ll review optimal Feng Shui techniques to apply to wealth building. In the meantime, check out this feng shui site for additional info.

*Pics courtesy of Verbieten, Daisuke Morita, and Trinette Reed
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