World Billionaires Report

by Minority Fortune

sailboatThe world’s richest people for 2009 were reported by Forbes earlier this year. While some of the names aren’t as surprising, their net worth for this year certainly is! The head honcho, Bill Gates, has experienced an $18 billion dollar drop, which is a significant amount! He’s not the only one. The report goes on to reveal that many top billionaires on the list have indeed experienced an average loss of around $20 billion. The billionaire list has shrunk from 1,125 to 793. Now, where did all that money go?!

There are many analyses that can be deduced from the information. The main thing is that they still have more money in the bank than we do. On a serious note, there is a global trend of money contracting. The contraction correlates to the stock market decline. Less money equals less business sales. With the massive wealth that these men hold, we are certain that some have questionable business practices. However, we digress.

World’s top 20 richest for 2009:

1. William Gates III
2. Warren Buffett
3. Carlos Slim Helú
4. Lawrence Ellison
5. Ingvar Kamprad
6. Karl Albrecht
7. Mukesh Ambani
8. Lakshmi Mittal
9. Theo Albrecht
10. Amancio Ortega
11. Jim Walton
12. Alice Walton
13. Christy Walton
14. S Robson Walton
15. Bernard Arnault
16. Li Ka-shing
17. Michael Bloomberg
18. Stefan Persson
19. Charles Koch
20. David Koch

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