Why You Should Look Back at a Year Ago

by Minority Fortune

88376021Where Are You?

It’s important to know where you’ve come from in your wealth journey. That can help you determine your status and momentum rate for where you are right now. From looking back, you can see whether you’ve progressed or backtracked and attempt to correct it in the future. The goal is to always be moving forward, but we won’t know unless we measure our actions.

A year ago, did you have a goal in mind? Where did you think you would be at this point in time? Are you where you visualized yourself? Have you made drastic changes in your life? Where do you stand in your wealth journey?

Wealth Journey Evaluation:

• Am I earning more this year? (taking in account inflation)
• What percentage of my earnings have I contributed towards my investments, retirement, and savings accounts?
• Have I been reducing my spending?
• Has my cash flow improved?
• Have I increased my assets?
• Have I furthered my education about investments?

*Image courtesy of Martin Child.
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