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Why Tyler Perry is the Highest Paid Man in Entertainment

by Minority Fortune

A big congrats is in order to Tyler Perry as he earned the title of being the highest paid man in entertainment by Forbes! From May 2010 to May 2011, he earned $130 million. His success is well warranted because he handles his business in a wealthy-elite fashion by doing the following:

Retaining ownership: Selling your soul (or ownership) is so rampant within the entertainment industry. Mostly big production companies sit at the top, dominating their territory and bullying the small players. Not only did Tyler Perry decide to swim with the big fish, he blindsided them by focusing on a niche that the other companies deemed unprofitable. Now he’s truly a force to be reckoned with.

Building His Brand: There’s so many points in his career where Tyler could have assumed that he had “made it” and just lived the high lifestyle. When he was just doing his Madea plays, he could have gotten overly content with his income and stuck with the same revenue model until it waned. However, Tyler set his sights bigger and bigger. After signing a movie deal with Lion Entertainment, he could have created attention-grabbing antics, proving how wealthy he was. After buying his own island, he could have went on and on about how he’s arrived to the world. Yet, what does Tyler do? He continues to invest money into his brand and into the brightest minority actors and actresses.

Sticking with His Values: So many dynamics change once an individual has had a taste of money and fame. If we had a nickel for everytime a hardly-wealthy celeb started feeling themselves and spent their way into the poorhouse, we’d have millions of dollars. With the constant pressure to change his artistic focus into other people’s ideals, Tyler has remained bullishly in his niche.

Pressure of Being a Wealthy Minority

When a minority attains wealth, they usually cannot act in the same manner as their white counterparts. There’s infinite amounts of pressure of them. They feel the need to “represent” and perpetuate the perceived wealthy lifestyle to the point that it compromises their true wealth. There’s the critics who feel that they should shift their mindset and career focus. There’s the family and friends who are financially dependent. Then there’s the competition who is trying to come for your title and wealth, since you’re an easy target. So, we applaud the fact that not only is Tyler Perry kicking butt and taking names, he’s gracefully doing so and not having embarrassing articles written about his antics posted on blogs around the web. Continue doing us proud, Tyler!!!


*Image courtesy of Celebrity Gossip
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