Why Some Earn More Money Than Others

by Minority Fortune

There are a number of reasons why some people have higher wages than others. Chances are that it has little to do with luck. The more likely reason is action. MSN covered several habits shared by those who earn high income. It contained several useful factors, but we think there’s also a few more trends than also come into play.

JD Roth in the MSN article contended the following characteristics of high-earners:

* They maintain a strong work ethic. goldmedal
* They don’t watch the clock.
* They seek to improve their skills.
* They do quality work.
* They’re flexible and adaptable.
* They maintain a good social network.
* They possess self-confidence.

Action + Purpose

Action seems to be the main contributor here. People who earn high incomes do not become complacent. They place themselves on an upward moving scale. A famous example is Oprah Winfrey. Despite reaching the billionaire landmark, her wealth is steadily increasing because she continues to expand her services. She doesn’t just sit on a plateau. She moves forward with action. Action with purpose can yield great results.

We also think another key factor for those earning high incomes is discipline. There’s no glory in high incomes that wither away with excessive spending. This is why we at Minority Fortune hold celebrities accountable for their frivolous spending. A “Grade A model” is someone who exercises financial discipline. They manage their money and make it work for them. So we attribute discipline as an important contributor to those earning high incomes. It’s not an option. It’s a must.

relaxation3Some people believe that a little bit of luck is involved. We don’t believe in luck. Maybe an individual has rightfully attracted wealth energy into their lives, but this doesn’t just come to those who sit on their butts. Yes, there are people who are born into wealth. Then there are those who seem to unfairly win jobs and contracts that they have little talent for, but there’s more than luck to these causes. We believe than anyone can attract luck into their lives with the right action.

High-income earning people are generally wise enough to work with what they have. They realize that they have the ability to supply their services/ products in a needed market/company. Then, they work towards their goals via education, networking, planning, and doing. What are Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton talented at doing? In the eyes of many, it’s nothing. Honestly speaking, they’re talented at pimping out their lifestyle and networking in powerful wealth circles. It’s easy work for them because it’s their specialty, and they command high income. This formula works across the board.

Conclusion: If you want to climb the income latter, you need to get in motion with your plans. Find your passion and use it to meet a demand. Furthermore, get yourself socialized with influential people and attend seminars/ conferences for motivation. Stop at nothing and keep climbing. Listen to your heart at all times and avoid the naysayers. Success stories occur everyday. Believe that yours is around the corner.

*Image courtesy of Blue Jean Images.
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