Upper Middleclass Biggest Coupon Spenders

by Minority Fortune

We aren’t surprised to hear that $70,000 income-earning suburbanites are the biggest users of coupons. The Consumerist reports that the Neilson Company conducted a survey to determine the demographic of coupon loyalists. The site labels these consumers the affluent, but we don’t think so. Affluence goes for a lot more than a $70,000 household salary. It is enough to live on comfortably.

However, just because someone is using coupons and live in the suburbs, does not necessarily mean that they are financially responsible. We admit that it’s a good habit, but fiscal responsibility is a lifestyle. Sometimes, a person’s mind can be warped into thinking they can reward themselves when they’ve cut down on something. We’ve seen this illogical thinking many times.

“I ran this morning. Time to treat myself to that entire apple pie!”
“Saved $45 on purchases. I’m going to treat myself to the spa!”
“Well, I did save $100 on my groceries by coupon clipping. I think we’ll be able to afford that new luxury SUV afterall!”

The Consumerist also stated that those with smaller earnings use coupons the least but couldn’t really expound on the reason. The fact is many poor households of four and above live on less than $35,000. The kids are well fed and taken care of. That shows us that people with low incomes do practice frugality but in a different way. They aren’t buying branded goods and being compulsive buyers because their money has to stretch. Single mothers work overtime, and two-parent households generally both contribute in this sector. Overall, they stay occupied with work and only buy what matters.

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