Triangle of Success

by Minority Fortune

Do you believe you’re successful?


Most people think of success as some distant concept that’s impossible for them to attain. They have every excuse in the world for why they’re not successful. Sometimes, it’s people’s ideas of success that have to change. Success comes in all shapes and formats.

Black Enterprise’s conducted an interview with Kevin Warren, president of Xerox and asked him about what constitutes success. Now given his accomplishments, he could’ve taken up an hour boasting about the concept of success. Instead he had a simple 3-prong formula:

the triangle of success

1-    Results: Generate progress. Get things completed efficiently.
2-    Behaviors: How do you interact with your peers, co-workers, clients? Leaving an impression that’s memorable?
3-    Competencies: Managing your areas of expertise. Warren noted that you should be committed to a life-long process of learning and improving your skills. Expansion is vital.

So, can you achieve success? Absolutely!

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