Tips from a Once Broke Student Now CEO

by Minority Fortune

betsy_mclaughlinBetsy McLaughlin is now the CEO of mega million dollar company Hot Topix. Yet, there was a time when she was struggling to make ends meet. She didn’t come from a financial savvy home, so she had to formulate her own plan. Her story and advice was featured by Forbes.

At 18 years old and broke, she made a decision to plan out her life. She made the vow to grow into wealth. And lo and behold at 47 years old, she’s accomplished it all.

How did she do it?

•    Set goals in five different areas: Career, Salary, Assets, Health and Personal/Social
•    Sacrificed everything that didn’t line up with her goals.
•    Span those goals for short term and long term.
•    Diversified her investments.

*Image courtesy of World Retail Congress.
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