Three Types of Giving

by Minority Fortune

There’s nothing like giving back. At some points in our lives, we’ve been on the receiving end of giving. A lot of our freedoms today in the US (and various parts of the world) were a result of people giving their lives to fight for the rights of others. We have all been affected by other’s giving. Therefore, it definitely is a good idea to return the favor of giving.

Most religions also talk about the importance of giving. Giving isn’t just about morality, although it is important. However, giving can also bring more good to you. If you want more in life, you need to give more. Increase your good value, and more value will be attracted to you.

Ken Lauher had a post describing the three different types of giving written by the Dalai Lama. They’re worth sharing with you all because there are various forms of giving that we’re all capable of providing. Money or item donations aren’t the only kind of giving.


3 Types of Giving:

1. Donating material things such as money, clothing and food; making gifts to the poor and the sick, and donations for education and the provision of medical care;

2. Providing clear teachings about spiritual practices as well as about proper types of worldly livelihood, such as in becoming a medical practitioner, and giving encouragement to undertake moral behavior;

3. Giving relief from fearful situations by protecting beings from robbers, unjust governments, ferocious animals, flood, fire, and so forth. This includes protecting animals; even help a bug out of a puddle.

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