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The Ten Most Captivating Posts of 2011

by Minority Fortune

Happy New Year! It’s the year of the Dragon, and there’s endless potential for greatness in the financial journey. Let’s face it, whatever we had going on in 2011 could and should be better for the new year. Last year was filled to the brim with protests, civil unrests, revolutions, bankruptcies, foreclosures, tax evasions, divorces, economic instabilities, tech IPOs, Steve Jobs and Heavy D passing, political nominee mayhem, racist comments against the president, wars, and so much more. So, why would anyone want more of that in our new year?

We certainly cannot predict the future, but the only thing certain is change. We must live in the present but prepare for our futures in the best way that we can. We’ll keep doing our part with hopes that everyone, Minority Fortune readers and beyond, do their part. As last year demonstrated, a bunch of people around not doing their parts in personal responsibility and integrity leaves the world and those in it in chaos. Goes to show that things on a micro scale can truly impact things on a macro scale.

That said, we’ll highlight and bid adieu to the top posts that captured attention on Minority Fortune for 2011.

10. The diamond darling of the site for 2011 goes to none other than Terrell Owens. With this guy around, who needs ideas for blog posts? A rough year is an understatement, but he’s got more than that coming if he doesn’t massively downgrade his lifestyle and quit living off of credit.
9. Thus far, Tyler Perry has not disappointed and continues to break barriers in the film industry. This year, he earned the title of the highest paid man in entertainment. We love news like this, and what we love more is not seeing ridiculous money-flossing stunts coming from him!
8. When we saw the clip of Juicy J denting his Rolls Royce, we couldn’t have been more disgusted. Hopefully, Juicy’s Royce was been repo’d and safely removed from his possession.

7. Burning money is a hardly-wealthy, animal behavior that we hope was left in 2011. Floyd Mayweather has to show his butt and burn a hundred dollar bill in the club. Next time, Floyd, take the world “fool” on a piece of paper and burn that away.
6. No surprise here when Lil Kim hit the news with a foreclosure on her New Jersey home. Let’s hope she learns the power of ownership in the new year.

5. Baby’s been a staple on this site since its inception, and it’s been for the same exact thing: the extravagant, trying-too-much lifestyle. He claimed his Forbes valuation was too low, but we’d bet all of those fancy cars, jewelry, and purchases cancel out any net worth he may have.

4. There’s never been an artist more mysterious about his life and habits as Prince. He took us by surprise when his house was noted in a foreclosure. Let’s hope that was the first and the last.
3. Allen Iverson was a mainstay on the Grade F model list, as his gambling and bad financial habits came to haunt him before even properly ending his career.

2. New Money, Hardly Wealthy habits at its finest: Tossing Money in a Strip Club. Rick Ross and Diddy thought it would be cute to drop a million at a strip club. Enjoy spending your way to the bottom, guys!

1. This post brought in thousands of readers, and we’re still not sure why. However, it works for us! Xzibit failed to plan ahead for his once wildly popular show “Pimp My Ride” which fizzled just like every other popular TV series. What does he do instead? Blame MTV! Better not go to court over this one, buddy.

*2012 Image courtesy of Squidoo.
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