The 18 Minute Plan to Fulfill Your Day’s Accomplishments

by Minority Fortune

ReportreviewTo conquer your day and complete your daily goals, you need a gameplan. While we may have the best intentions, we rarely commit to our tasks in the most efficient way.

The Harvard Business Review shares an example of a group of women who agreed to conduct a breast exam. The result? 100% of those who determined when and where to conduct the exam accomplished the self-examination.

We’ll share their 18-minute plan to help you increase your daily efficiency:

Step 1: Determine your plan for the day. Go beyond planning it in your head. Put your goals down on paper and then proceed to assign a time and place to these goals. Otherwise, prepare for not completing them.
Step 2: Refocus once every hour. Go as far as to set an hourly alarm to bring you back into focus. Review your goals. Decide how to prioritize the hour in order to further progress on your goals. Control your hours, and don’t let them control you.
Step 3: Review at the end of the day. Review your accomplishments and tasks for the day. See what worked and continue to repeat. Routine is key.

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