Surrendering…to the Moment

by Minority Fortune

surrenderingSurrendering is usually alluded to giving up or failing. That is certainly not the context we are using for it. In this context, surrendering is winning. Weird, right? Wrong! Think about it…

Think about those moments in your day when you experience frustration over something that hasn’t gone your way. You’re annoyed and stressed out about it. Yet, the situation doesn’t change. Instead of letting the situation change you, change the way you think about it. When situations occur, we can choose to react or let them be. Usually, we opt to react in a way that saps up our energy. Then, how productive can you be in such a state? Our guess is not 100%.

In those moments where you feel compelled to react, don’t. We’re not referring to the ones that make you feel good. Those are positive reactions that usually lead you to give 100+%. We’re referring to those that cause you to give 90% and below. The next time a complex situation comes to you, let it be. Surrender.

Here’s How:

Don’t Worry. Worrying is a liability because it costs you, whether emotionally or physically. It alters your frame of mind, and it costs you time, thus money.
Live. You can be yourself at all times. When things come at you to challenge your being, just let them come and pass. Never forget to continue living.
Analyze. Think of all the ways in which you can solve the problem. Instead of avoiding the situation, confront it with your best resources. Once you’ve done your best, you should surrender the situation.

*Image courtesy of Stockbyte.
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