Suggested Money Movies

by Minority Fortune


E ntertainment can still yield as a valuable learning process. Furthermore, people learn in different ways. What better way to be introduced to concepts than to be entertained? Wouldn’t it be great to learn more whilst watching a movie? Young Money Magazine shares its top 10 movies to watch about money. We’ll share a few that resonated with us.

  • Brewster’s Millions (1985) – Montgomery Brewster (Richard Pryor) is left 30 million dollars by a rich relative. Only this money comes with a caveat—he has to spend it all in 30 days in order to get 300 million more. Of course he can’t tell anyone and hilarity ensues.
  • Glengarry Glen Ross ( 1992) – Based on the Pulitzer-winning play by David Mamet this is the ultimate real estate film. A desperate group of real estate salesmen suffer in a down market, a sales contest is launched and anyone who fails loses his or her job. Regarded by some as a critique of the impact of Reaganomics.
  • Boiler Room (2000) – A college dropout (Giovanni Ribisi) gets a job at a investment firm which gives him fast success; however, the job might not be as legit as it sounds. No wonder coveting is a sin.
  • Wall Street (1987) – Gordan Gekko (Michael Douglas), a heartless yet successful stockbroker, guides a young man willing to do anything (including insider trading) to get to the top. A perfect portrayal of the greed and corruption that colored the 80s.

Claiming ignorance is not good enough. If nothing else, find innovative ways to teach yourself about wealth, finance, and money concepts.

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