Success with Taoism

by Minority Fortune

Can you let go?

tao01A key principle in Taoism is that of wu-wei, or “non-doing.” It consists of viewing oneself as wholly connected to life. The motto “go with the flow” captures the principle nicely, as it stresses the Taoist belief that one should let the energy of life flow within them.

As humans, we take on the view of individuality and design our own unique identities. It can sometimes lead us against our internal voices due to ego. Philosopher Lao-Tzu insists that we be quiet and listen to our natural instincts, as it’s our direct connection to the Tao aka life.

In Christian culture, there’s a phrase: “Let go, and let God.” This can be revamped to “Let go, and let life.” With this principle, you’ll be lead intrinsically by life to the road to success.

So, can you let go?

*Image courtesy of Jon Berkeley.
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